Posts for 30/06/2017
New Song and Video – Voices Rising

New Song and Video – Voices Rising by Phil Monsour was commissioned by the Queensland Teachers’ Union for the GA

The Haze (between day and night) – Phil Monsour New song and video
Bad News From Palestine. New song and video
New video – Next year in Jerusalem

New song and video from the album 100 days  

Let them eat money New song and video for the G20

By a twist of fate I won’t be in Brisbane for the comng G20 meeting. This new song and video

New song and Video Who killed Reza Berati?

Reza Berati was a 23 year old asylum seeker murdered on February 18 2014 on Manus Island in one of

New Studio Video Clip – Everything but Stop – Phil Monsour Band

New Phil Monsour Band video clip – Everything but stop filmed and edited at Bulimba studio.

11000 views for Ghosts of Deir Yassin

The video clip for ghosts of Deir Yassin has now had 11000 views  

New Video Song for Gaza
Live Video feat Mohamed Youssef

Live version of the song Empires New Clothes recorded in Sydney and featuring Mohamed Youssef on the OUD