New CD crowd funding appeal
by on August 21, 2014 in News

New pozible CD crowd funding appeal 

Please support my crowd funding appeal to manufacture my new 12 song CD.

This album is a step in realizing a long term ambition of mine to blend some Eastern sounds from my family’s heritage with my contemporary acoustic rock style.

For this project I was able to enlist the help of the amazing Mohamed Youssef on the Oud. His unique instrument is featured on about half the album. The recording also features a number of other musicians on instruments ranging from Trumpets to Banjos.

This project has given the band a chance to explore a stripped back acoustic mode. On many songs we’ve swapped our electric guitars for acoustics, and Jon Lloyd has moved off the drum kit to play his

Many of the songs on this CD like much of my music, give a voice to those seldom heard and those who’s stories are seldom told. It celebrates the fact that when we sing together, dance together and struggle together we can do great things. For me music has always been intertwined with our life and our struggles.
I regularly perform at a union rallies, Palestine solidarity rallies and refugees support rallies. I have supported many fundraising events and helped organise many also. Your contribution will also help me to keep using my music in this way.

We’ve recorded and produced the album, but now, we need your help! We need to raise the funds to manufacture the first run of CDs. With your donation we can finish this project and share this new album and unique sound. We’ve put in hours of work and our personal funds, we need your help to make the final step so I can keep adding my songs and voice to our struggles.