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Our House is on Fire – Phil Monsour and the Crisis Actors
Let Them Stay – Phil Monsour
Solidarity forever Phil Monsour
Solidarity Forever (with Lyrics)

Upbeat rock version of the union classic Solidarity Forever. Recorded by Phil Monsour (with help from the Combined Unions Choir)

Stand Together – Song for the QTU

Stand Together was written and recorded for the Queensland Teachers’ Union as part of the One Song One Union CD

Voices Rising - Phil Monsour
Voices Rising – Official Video

Voices Rising by Phil Monsour was commissioned by the Queensland Teachers’ Union for the GA Daughtrey Art Collection. The song

Phil Monsour ghosts of deir yassin
Ghosts of Deir Yassin

The writing on the hands are the names of the original villages in Palestine that these people were ethnically cleansed

The Haze (between day and night)

Phil Monsour The Haze (between day and night) from the album 100 Days Buy Download Songs and Cds:

Sweet Hope

Phil Monsour Sweet Hope from the album 100 Days Buy Download Songs and Cds:  

I Left My Heart in Palestine
Let Them Eat money – Song For the G20

Let Them Eat Money – Song For The G20 – Phil Monsour