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Green Left Weekly 25 September, 2017

On his groundbreaking new album, Phil Monsour makes union struggles rock

One Song One Union is a testament to the value of music in politics. It is also an important historical document, articulating our situation.
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Green Left Weekly 8 November, 2014

Phil Monsour at peak of his craft and at the service of freedom

Referring to the war in Vietnam, Joan Baez once said that if you don’t fight against a rotten thing you become a part of it. It’s an attitude Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Phil Monsour lives by.  Read More

52 left-leaning albums from 2014

This year seemed to have more than the usual quota of politically potent albums. .

Green Left Weekly 8 September, 2014

Brisbane musos take a stand for asylum seekers

Brisbane musos take a stand for asylum seekers. A diverse range of musical acts from Brisbane and the Gold Coast are uniting in support of asylum seekers at the “Freedom Seeker: Roots, rock, reggae for refugees” concert at the New Globe on September 14 starting at 3pm.

4ZZZ FM 8 September, 2014

Phil Monsour – “Freedom Seeker – Roots Rock Reggae for Refugees” interview with Blair Martin (2 of 2)

Live studio performance of who killed reza berati with help from 4zzz announcer Blair Martin.

AAABackstage September, 2014

Musicians Call For Refugee Advocacy At Freedom Seeker Concert On the night of Sept 14,  the Phil Monsour band joins a diverse mix of musicians who are lending their songs and voices to the call for the Australian government to abide by it obligations to refugees, the concert is raising money for refugee advocacy and assistance through the Refugee Action Collective (RAC) and Refugee And Immigration Legal Service (RAILS).

Blank Gold Coast 01 September, 2014

Raising their voices for those who have none: Freedom Seekers Phil Monsour, who will launch a 12-track CD titled 100 days at the gig says he believes our society is defined by the way we treat the powerless and disadvantaged people who come to us for help.

Westender Brisbane 21 June, 2014

Brisbane rallies for refugees  Watch the video below Video from the performance at the rally

Ma’an News Agency Palestine 29 January, 2014

Interview with Phil Monsour: Music, BDS, and decolonizing Australia Frank Barat is an activist based in Belgium and is one of the former coordinators of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine. He recently conducted an interview with Phil Monsour for “The Wall has Ears: Conversations for Palestine.” Phil Monsour is an Australian musician and activist and is founding member of Artists Against Apartheid-Australia.

Le Mur a Des Oreilles Palestine 24 January, 2014

“Music has helped to bring people together around the issue of Palestine” – Conversation with Phil Monsour Frank Barat for LMADO: It’s great to have you on, really. One of the main idea of LMADO is actually to bring the art and the political together. You fit perfectly well then. You told me that the first time you went to the Middle East was in 2010, when you visited Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. Were you an activist before, or was this trip the starting point? (Listen to Broadcast or read full transcript)

MouthZoff January, 2014

MouthZoff talks to Phil Monsour – Page 27

ZZZ Radio 8th October,2012

Local singer Phil Monsour talks of his journeys to Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan and the songs that came out of it In this interview with Andrew Bartlett, he talks of the experiences that provided the foundation of his most recent album, Ghosts of Deir Yassin – including his own visits to the checkpoints, walls and refugee camps that are the daily reality for millions of Palestinian people. (Listen to Broadcast)

CD Launch 29 Sept Sydney

Antony Loewenstein’s Speech at the CD launch in Sydney

Green Left Weekly TV 25 Sept 2012

Performance of Which side are you on in the Adelaide City Mall

Green Left Weekly 10 July 2012

Not Stone throwing:Phil Monsour’s new CD hurls rock The CD’s 12 tracks are musically and lyrically powerful, with intense bass and drums, captivating guitars. Monsour’s vocals are as heartfelt and engaging as his lyrics are profound and fervent.(complete article)

The Electronic Intifada 7 May 2012

Phil Monsour transcends Palestine’s tragedy on rousing new rock album. (complete article)

Time off 11 April 2012 Brisbane artist

Phil Monsour discusses his new record Ghosts Of Deir Yassin (complete article)

Green Left Weekly 17 April 2012

Phil Monsour Band releases Ghosts of Deir Yassin CD Musician and activist Phil Monsour is releasing his latest 12-song CD, Ghosts of Deir Yassin. The CD is available online at Cdbaby and other outlets. (complete article)

SBS National Radio 30th August,2010

To sing the stories of others Described as an “Australian troubadour”, Queenland based artist Phil Monsour , who is of Lebanese background, writes songs that tell stories of migration, displacement and identity. We catch up with the musician ahead of his Sydney show. Listen to Broadcast

4zzz The paradigm Shift Aug 8 2010 We also spoke to local singer/songwriter/activist Phil Monsour who had just returned from a trip with Union Aid Abroad/APHEDA to Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and the West Bank; check out the podcast City South News Feb 10 2010 Phil’s Soulful Jaunt Green Left Weekly 26 July 2009

More than songs for the dispossessed Phil Monsour is a singer/songwriter based in Brisbane. His songs reflect a passionate commitment to the struggles of ordinary people. But Monsour does more than just sing about the world. As part of a broader political engagement, he deploys his music as an organising tool.(complete article)

Limelight (ABC music arts entertainment) January 2009 review shorts

Australian troubadour who sings songs of hope, humanity, invasion and occupations. Five stars

The Courier Mail Saturday August 23 2008

Eastern experience shapes writer’s vision “Phil Monsour has delivered the most passionate album of his career…..The Empire’s New Clothes shows traces of his interest in folk and world music but also rocks with amp-rattling intensity on songs like the blazing One Step and the anthemic Sing Your Song”

The Empire’s New Clothes CD Introduction March 2008

In The Empire’s New Clothes Phil Monsour creates a breathing space [nafas]…inside a specific sense of ‘Arabness’ in Australia. It’s about our experience. It’s about our memory. It’s about our identity and all the contradictions in between. It’s about the politics of love. Alissar Chidiac (complete article)

Rave Magazine August 19 2008

Empire Records(complete article)

SBS World View program Mon, June 02 2008

World View highlights Monday (pod cast)

Green Left Weekly May 31 2008

Substituting anger for despair (complete article)

Time off May 21 2008

CD release the empire’s new clothes (complete article)

City South News May 22 2008

CD release the empire’s new clothes

The Courier Mail Thursday June 8 2006

Monsour Back on song about peace

Green Left Weekly May 5 2004

Singing through the silence (complete article)

Weekend The Courier Mail Saturday December 4 1999 Sounds Scene Magazine 01-12-1999

Popproperly Still Poppin’ back and forth “1998 saw the band returning to Holland, Belgium and Germany to perform at a range of festivals and clubs and promote Faint Blue Glow, which sold out by the end of the tour.”

Rave Magazine December 1st – 7th 1999

The Ice Men And Women Cometh “There’s also a strong sense of the much maligned classic “Brisbane “ acoustic sound, a pop sensibility filtered of the genre’s more extreme inanities, with a focus on effecting lyrics.”

Time off Nov 10 – 16 1999

Taking Brisbane to the World “Popproperly’s sound is a melding of styles that sees rock elements coming face to face with more traditional folk styling’s.”

Pulse The Courier Mail Friday November 5 1999

“Black and white Rainbow, for instance is a fine tune that would have done credit to the late Go Betweens.”